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Everyone was dating on the show and being romantic. When she was leaving, it was like, ‘I might as well do it now,’” Wells later explained to . Everyone needs to put everything into perspective, though. Maltby and Adams sparked rumors of a romance themselves after the longtime friends shared a romantic kiss on this summer's season of “We went on a date years ago and nothing ever materialized from it, so it was one of those things where we gotta see what it is like.Our little story started at the end of it [when she was about to leave].It looks like Charlie Puth is a man in love again and it's none other than Danielle Campbell that might've stolen his heart.

"My whole thing is, I had such trouble when everything landed in the public even when I didn’t want it to and there were times I was like, 'Oh I’m with this person, that’s kind of cool' because this whole fame thing is so brand new to me, and it never ended well," Charlie said to Dan."It ended with my mom calling me saying, 'Why am I seeing you on this show and I'm going to the supermarket and seeing you on the front cover of this magazine, people aren't going to see you as the musician, they’re not going to know you produced "See You Again," "Marvin Gaye," "One Call Away" and "We Don't Talk Anymore," they’re just seeing you for all this stuff.' So with all due respect, whatever you read, it’s whatever." When asked if he's happy, Charlie simply said yes he is and that means he's totally inspired to make some fire new songs."That’s really all that matters because when I’m happy, I can make good music. So I’ll say yes, I’m very happy in my life right now," he said.And that means he is dating someone, which he confirmed when he appeared on after Ellen asked him if he's on any dating apps and he quickly responded he's not because he's in a relationship.