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After hearing a lot of hype from all angles about Tepilo, the all-new online letting and online estate agent, I eagerly listed a vacant rental property on their website.Tepilo is the platform created by the wonderful Sarah Beeny, so naturally it’s been heavily promoted with her mug all over the branding.

I submitted a few searches and discovered they don’t have many properties available for rent on there.With such little choice, I can’t imagine many users would stick around.Secondly, I don’t think the website generates much traffic.Actually, based on a few test results from traffic monitoring websites, I suspect my pitiful blog gets more traffic than the highly marketed Tepilo website. I’ve never understood why the name “Tepilo” was chosen.

I remember reading somewhere that Sarah Beeny named the site Tepilo because her dad used to tell her about a place called Tepilo as a child. ”Even after spelling it out, T-E-P-I-L-O, I can’t imagine it would be remembered for longer than a few seconds (if that).

That’s a cute story, it really is, but it’s a complete dogshit name for a property website that’s trying to gain mass traffic. I still find myself Google’ing, “Sarah Beeny Tep” to find the site because I find that easier.

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