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The Atlanta Journal-Constition reports the wife of Outkast rap star Big Boi, filed for divorce on Wednesday, Oct. According to court documents obtained by the AJC, Antwon A. Patton in February 2002, and the two are currently separated.

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Still, one of Big Boi’s friends was critical of Sherlita’s actions. “She been in it this long, she’s supposed to know how it goes,” he said, referring to the known fact that married men cheat.Scandal: Meagan Broussard, left, claims she too was contacted using phones at his congressional offices. Right, student Gennette Cordova was sent an image of the politician through Twitter that sparked the scandal Today she told ABC news: 'I don't think he has any control over what he's doing in this area. Miss Broussard said she spoke to Weiner on the phone and said: ‘You’re an internet rat, aren’t you?