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Brief history: Radio Pirata, that I started with more than a little help from my friends, was born in December 1991, in Managua, Nicaragua.After a few moves we ended up at the (in)famous place in Managua called "La Colinita de Susto" (Hill of Fear), an open place on a cool hill with a fantastic view, where we also arranged rock concerts.We also had a lot of young people making programs for us, mostly metal rock, and also several with other content.In 2004, however, we had to close the FM part, and continue in the internet only, here at which is now a one-person project.

, is a cultural radio station, transmitting live on the Internet.The programming is primarily music, mixing different styles of music, including rock, reggae, soul, blues, country and regional music from all over the world, from the 1920's until the 2000's, with more representation from the last 6 decades.Artists from a wide variety of countries are featured (more than 50).The purpose is to play music you hear nowhere else in Nicaragua, thereby making a national contribution to the idea of culture as international property.