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Along with providing enough fodder for three full Springsteen/Mellencamp collaboration albums (make it happen, boys!), America’s small towns are home to some serious culinary action.

Those collards might've been picked by Debbie herself.And while you could order something delicious from the menu, you're better off getting the buffet.Pile your plate high with fried chicken, pulled pork, and veggies (peas, butter beans, corn, squash, and turnips usually make an appearance).If you're a soul food connoisseur, fried chicken livers and gizzards are also available.

And because one plate from the buffet will just make you hungrier for more, they're known for their fried cornbread patties and apple cheese casserole.

In a world of grab-and-go restaurants and drive-thrus, Red's is the type of eatery with huge wooden tables and an early 1900s vibe, a place where you eat your weight in BBQ while your server asks where you're from and how you're doing.

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