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, the modern Stone Age family, Hanna-Barbera decided to make a similar family cartoon, but set in their vision of the Space Age in the 21st century.This new series that debuted September 23, 1962 became The Jetsons.Set mainly in sky-high Orbit City, the show featured the family of George Jetson, Jane, his wife, their daughter Judy, and son Elroy living the average life in the future with flying space cars, instant transport tubes, and various robots and gadgets than can get their work done for them in a matter of seconds.George brought in the family income by working at Spacely Space Sprockets, run by his stocky, ill-tempered boss Cosmo Spacely, who's usually quick to fire George for any reason he could find.But somehow, he always managed to get his job back and continue supporting his family.He works as an indexer and is the housewife who tends to the home, but loves to shop for the latest fashions and various items that can be a help to the family, like new gadgets that can help them in new ways.She's assisted by the family's robot maid is the Jetsons' teenage daughter who attends Orbit High School and goes for the latest teen fashions, trends, and music, and seems to have a different boyfriend in most episodes.

But most times, he likes to be an average boy by playing various sports, and with his faithful companion, the family's dog ran for only one season on ABC, but the series was more successful in syndication.This led to a revival in 1985 with new episodes with more advanced animation that was richer in color and made the series even more futuristic than the 1960's version of the 21st century.New characters were introduced as well, including a new alien gremlin pet for the Jetsons, named , who has springlike legs and suction cup feet, enabling him to hang upside down.He could also tinker with machines and change color in accordance to emotion.