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Pennsylvania officials are on track to field more than 700 complaints against teachers and administrators across Pennsylvania this year, quadruple the number the same office logged in 2007.In keeping with five-year trends, more than half of those are likely to allege sexual abuse, misconduct or exploitation at the hands of school employees.A Calgary music teacher who was already accused of sexually assaulting three teens now faces dozens of additional charges after 19 more underage girls came forward to police.Christian Sarile, 27, now faces 49 charges involving 22 underage girls, Staff Sgt.

One incident is alleged to have taken place in 2009, another in 2011 and the remaining are alleged to have occurred between 20.The complainants are females between the ages of 12 and 17. 5 incident and charges related to the new complainants, bringing the total number of charges to 49 ."The numbers are alarming," Oncescu said.Sarile was first charged on May 3 when three teen girls came forward to police. As the investigation continued, 19 more girls told police Sarile had abused them. 5, police said investigators became aware that Sarile had been in the company of an underage girl in breach of the conditions of his release.

I am concerned that both of my boys have been abused by the same teacher.

I have suspected for several years about my youngest due to some different things that happened and recently thought that my oldest might also have had the same experience. It sounds like you have a very strong intuitive sense, that both of your boys were abused by the same teacher. Because we are a service just for kids, we would like to try and find resources for you to contact.

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