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Right off the bat, there are many reasons why it’s not ideal to date someone with a child.After all, it’s not just the fact that you have to make it work with the person you’re dating and the child that comes along with him or her, but you also have to deal with the ex who is the other parent to that child.The good news is that millions of men and women make it work, which is proof that it is possible.Still, even though it can work in many cases, do you want to risk the odds?For some of you, the risk is worth it; for others, it’s not.Prior to meeting this new person, did you know that you wanted kids?The most promising and successful scenario in dating someone with a child involves you knowing – with no doubts or hesitations – that you want kids.As long as you start with this crucial building block – wholeheartedly wanting to be a parent – you can get to know and date that new person, and the relationship may actually work out or even morph into the kind of union you’ve always wanted.

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Do you have a significant part of your personality that is nurturing?News flash: A significant portion of the population are not nurturers by nature and won’t make good, nurturing parents.I’m thinking of workaholics, angry/bitter-prone personalities, and impulsive, always-looking-for-the-party personalities.These types typically don’t have a significant part of their personalities that is nurturing.

These men and women can and often do have children, but they usually find another partner to do the nurturing or they don’t care that much about their kids’ emotional needs. You have patience with children; you enjoy taking care of things, including children, plants, pets or people in need; you enjoy cooking for others; and you gladly take care of the people you care about when they’re sick.

Are you a flexible, easygoing personality, or do you veer toward a more “Type A” personality?

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