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I \ I I i Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2015 vv Mere are you. After graduating from UL Lafayette, some choose to continue their education, while others dive straight into the workforce or raise families.

On the other hand, vome alumni find that u hat they graduated is not actually u hat they n am to pursue. " He said he still needs to decide u hat type of law to pursue after he graduates he said, V/w swaying tnore towards being associated with business laiv or accounting related law practice. whether throut^h o r0 ci ia-Iza t lo ia,s, « tt e l A/d I i A,g the Vflrlou-S oflm^pucs evei A/ts or slm-p Ly by pfl rtlclpfltli A-g I l A/ c Lflss d I s c u. i Belanger Belanger I Belcher Bell Bernjamtn Nicole |Cofey Kenneth Ihcll (idiilliicr II hen I he (ilanii .s iii llic //i()//iin enough after graduating. SCA president from 2001-2002 and SGA vice-president in 2000, is currently in his second year of law school at Tula/ie. "In May of 2005 I ivill he faking the Bar Exam, and I have the intentions of livitig in Louisiana after I finish ivith school. TViese pages are the I kv-d Ivld Ls bjouc com^e Iia, coi A/tact with every daij. ai A,d they are waltli A/g to be wrlttei A/ ucpoi A,. Angela Morris shows one dorm necessity is the telephone. ..a DVD player 9-* ^ f9 A ^ Be.i Beauclair Ben DCOudmy Beaudry Beaugh Beaugh Beaugh Beaugh Beaugh Beaulieu Beaumont Beauregard Lauren Jill Robert Lashonda Still in Q doze from a few hours of sleep, Katie Van Vroncken tries to push through another grueling day of classes. Not oi A^Luj does, oo LLege prcv Lde ijou with i\A,\z, It also provides ijou with -pciges. 7 h rough the long and exhausting process of tnoving in Just retnember, once you are finished you can bask in freedom.

They recommend fratnitig pictures of fatnily and friends, bringing things that remind you of home and hanging your favorite posters.

Students who live in the dorms can attest to tlie t eal necessities of dormitory life.