Ubuntu 9 04 not updating

A new version of the Arduino can be downloaded from the Arduino website.After downloading it can be unpacked anywhere, and it should run out of the box (tested August 8 2013 with Uno R3, December 25 2015 with USB).Using this method Arduino software won't automatically be updated, so you should check Arduino website every few months and download a new version if one is available.You will also have to start the Arduino application by opening the folder where you unpacked it to (or integrate it with Ubuntu by providing a .desktop file).You won't find it in the same place where other applications of your Ubuntu computer are.Hopefully the Ubuntu package repositories will catch up to solve this unconvenience. THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL INSTALL AN EXTREMELY OUTDATED AND NON-STANDARD VERSION OF THE ARDUINO IDE. Open The above installs a package from the Ubuntu software repositories, which currently is the old Arduino version 1.0.5.

To install, you have to enable the maverick-backports repository in the "Ubuntu Software Center" settings or do the following: Alternatively, you can use: Easy walkthrough with lots of screen shots of the official IDE from the main Arduino site. The repository version 0018 does not work with these later boards.

This is for 32 & 64 bit Ubuntu 10.10 but should work will all versions after 9.04,ideal you're new to Ubuntu."Complete Numpties Guide to Arduino on Ubuntu" You can always install the newest version of Arduino from Debian unstable.

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