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This is partially due to poor security practices on the users' parts, but to be fair, router manufacturers don't always make it easy to update.Few routers update their firmware automatically, and even just accessing your router's web interface requires toying around with arcane IP addresses, usernames and passwords.You may have to manually download software; you may have to flip your router over and read teeny, tiny serial numbers.In short, updating your router's firmware is a pain, but you've got to do it.While we can't give specific instructions on how to update every single model from every single manufacturer, we've scoured manufacturer websites to at least give you an easy starting point.Amped Wireless makes some of our favorite routers for gamers.

(If you're not sure what that is, it's physically written on your router somewhere — probably the underside.) Click the Downloads section and select Firmware., but your preferences may vary), connect your computer to your router with an Ethernet cable and enter "setup.ampedwireless.com" into a browser. In a web browser connected to the router's local network, enter "" into the URL field and access the router's interface.Click More Settings on the site’s left panel, then Management, then Upgrade Firmware. (If you never specified a username and password, they're both "admin.") Go to the Configuration Page and select Firmware Version.Then, upload your unzipped file and let the router install the update.Asus also recommends you reset the router after the installation is complete by pressing the reset button on the router's underside for 5 seconds.

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