Updating the ce plant cost index

I have the 2004 composite index and the 2006 Aug composite and sub-indexes, but I need the sub-indexes from 2004 as well as the most recent final composite and sub-indexes, whether that is 2006 yr end or a few months into 2007. I have downloaded CEIRev3from curryhydrocarbons.ca, thanks owg! Labor - 22%Buildings - 7%Engineering - 10%I believe these were updated sometime around 2002. I have the sub indices from Dec 2004 final at hand. CEPCI Dec '04 Final CE Index 464.4Heat exchangers and tanks 516.8Process machinery 513.2Pipe valves and fittings 608.9Process instruments 379.9Pumps and compressors 727.2Electrical equipment 360.8Structural support and misc.

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