Updating video cards in laptop computers

When you buy a computer, more specifically a laptop, the one piece of hardware that is the most difficult to choose is the graphics card.You may have heard terms like integrated, discrete and dedicated.First off, to erase some confusion, discrete and dedicated mean the same thing, so there are only two terms you need to know to understand the difference between the two kinds of graphics cards.So what is the difference between an integrated and dedicated graphics card, and what are the benefits and disadvantages of each?The answer to the second question depends on what you need your computer to do.

Of course, this percentage varies depending on the size of task, especially if you're multitasking or playing a game.The benefit to an integrated unit is that it is cheaper, which in turn means a less expensive computer.An integrated graphics card also generates much less heat than a dedicated video card and uses drastically less power, which improves the overall battery life.Integrated graphics cards are perfect for people doing everyday graphics processing.

This includes watching or editing videos, 2D gaming and general word processing.

Such activities aren't graphic intensive, so a low-end video card is ideal.

Updating video cards in laptop computers comments

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