Updating vista hosts file

Unfortunately with UAC (User Account Control) enabled the “mvps.bat” is not permitted to update the HOSTS file.This is due to the restrictions imposed by UAC in that no “batch” files are allowed to access/change a System file.For now the only work-around is to turn off UAC (requires reboot) then run the “mvps.bat”, then enable UAC again.

So the browsing and accessing other network places/shares by ‘name’ will be smoother by avoiding DNS server requests.We can manually customize DNS name and IP address for specific sites in this file which will be helpful in several ways in Windows or Mac OS X.Hosts file is a plain text file without any file extension.This is because of edit DOS command requires 16-bit QBASIC.

EXE and it will not work on 64Bit version of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. , we can use the built-in Notepad program for this purpose.

On Windows Operating Systems, the hosts file is located here , C – is the drive Windows OS had been installed.