Updating your trojanhunter rule files

Scanner and a guard that scans in the background.trojanhunter is a dedicated anti trojan software with file memory.

Posts that are irrelevant, insulting, or simply stupid in an attempt to start flamewars, increase post count or generally cause aggravation will be closed or deleted.Repeated violations of this rule will result in a ban. Moderators will decide who is and who isn't a troll without your help. This essentially means that we do not want members to post simply for the sake of increasing their post count.Here is a general definition of a post whore Definition by dio Post whore - Many bumpers evolve into the much dreaded post whore, whose only purpose it seems is to accumulate posts.With such gems of wisdom as "I agree," "me too" and "I heard that somewhere," the post whore manages to accumulate 1000s of posts without ever really saying anything. If we continuously see post whoring, it will be dealt with by deleting the majority of the users posts (to lower post count) along with a warning.

If the actions continue, it can be a bannable offense. Please do not refer to women as bitches, whores, hoes, sluts, skanks, etc. Trolling (posting bull****, nonsense, or attention getting threads) with false accounts, with the intention of disrupting this forum, causing harm, or aggravation of the members or the mods will get you banned.

These are offensive terms and threads containing these terms (in reference to women) will be edited, closed or deleted. If you continue to reregister accounts, we will report you to your ISP for abuse & violation of their terms of service and have your account canceled.