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Tracking of more than 250 different international postal and transport companies.Automated widget international postal track and trace service, which allowed to track parcels, letters, freight, and other type of sendings from their acceptance till delivery without wasting of time on search of sites of postal companies.Abstract: JSON (Java Script Object Notation) is quickly becoming an important document format for business data interchange, so what's the best way to process it from RPG?JSON provides the same benefits as XML, but is smaller (and so transmits over a network more quickly) and is much more efficient than XML to work with in web applications.Naturally, this means that your RPG business applications need to learn how to speak JSON in order to talk to many of the newer web services or exchange data with many tech-savvy business partners.In this session, Scott will explain how the open source YAJL tool can be used from an RPG program to process or generate JSON in an efficient manner.Length: 75 minutes Click here to download a handout for this session Abstract: With each new release of the IBM i operating system and with Technology Refreshes, IBM has given us some new features in RPG.This session tells you about the new and exciting features of RPG and how you might like to use each feature in your own applications.

Everyone seems interested in getting started with this language today, and it may very well represent the future of Application Development on IBM i.In this session, we'll look at Node.js, discuss how it works and how to write simple applications.Then, we'll take a look at the Node Package Manager (npm) and the power it brings to the environment.Length: 75 minutes Click here to download a handout for this session Click here to download the code samples from this presentation Abstract: We're always hearing about the amazing things that you can do with Watson, but did you know that it's available to anyone to use?