Vacation dating website

They wrote: 'There are chiseled orange heirs on yachts who are probably liars, bewigged white executives looking for "black or mixed females only," faux-poetic blowhards spouting bullshit they think makes them sound sensitive ("You have been accused of having too much heart but you know in your soul this is the only way to be"), really really sad and lonely people who are painful to look at, and a [lot of] of gross married dudes.Jezebel points out that while lonely people have the right to buy company if they so choose, and women are equally allowed to make their own 'possibly bad' choices, this particular site has the ability to facilitate a large amount of coercion. A couple is meeting for the first time, not in America, but in a foreign country.They are in the Bahamas and the guy is footing the bill.

Since it's launch last summer, has come under intense criticism, labeled "creepy" and a "high flying escort service".Megan Alexander spoke to the website's founder, Brandon Wade.Alexander asked, “How is this different from prostitution?”Wade said, “There is no money exchanged.”“It's a free trip,” replied Alexander.