Varve dating definition

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Varve Analysis This technique was developed by Swedish scientists in the early 20th century.A varve is a sedimentary bed, or sequence of beds, deposited in a body of still water within a year’s time.Counting and correlation of varves have been used to measure the age of Pleistocene glacial deposits.Obsidian Hydration Dating This method is used to calculate ages in years by determining the thickness of rims (hydration rinds) produced by water vapor slowly diffusing into freshly chipped surfaces on artifacts made of obsidian or recent volcanic glass.

This method can be applied to glasses 200 to 200,000 years old.

Thermo Luminescence (TL) Dating This method is based on the phenomenon of natural ionizing radiation inducing free electrons in a mineral that can be trapped in defects of the mineral’s crystal lattice structure.