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COMPUTER IMPLEMENTED METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR GENERATING VIRTUAL BODY MODELS FOR GARMENT FIT VISUALISATION BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1.Field of the Invention The field of the invention relates to methods for generating amid sharing a virtual body rsiodel of 21 person col Ti I)ined xvith Mi inl:lge of a garment, methods for generating an image of a user in a garment.methods for automatically generating garment size recommendations, methods for visuahsing generating make-up and hairstyle recommendations, methods of generaflng a virtual body model of a user, methods for sharing a virtual body model of a person, and methods of enabling users to interact with virtual body models, the field of the invention includes systems which relate to these methods. Technical Background When shopping for clothes, users typically have entered shops which specialize in selling clothes, in order to try on the clothes before purchase.But the shops re usually closed for 21) more than 12 hours per day, \vhich hmits shopping tune.More recently, users have been able to purchase clothes from online retailers.During specification of the clothing for online purchase.

So at the present time, to try the clothes on, the user must either go to the shop, or must wait for the clothes to he delivered, both of xvhich take time and entail travel or delivery costs.It would be helpful if the user could try the clothes on in some way without having to travel to a shop, or having to wait to take delivery of the clothes.Considerable efforts have been made in recent years to provide computer-implemented systems that constnict a virtual body model for a user -i.e.a virtual or computer-graphics based model of most (in some cases, all) of user's head arid body; such models are ideally meant to accurately portray the user.These systems then prcvide a collection of virtual garments that, with varying degrees of accuracy, reflect the actual shape and size of a physical garment that can he bought he a user. user and then fitted, or visualised, onto thc user's virtual body model.