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A young woman with a short, sassy bob looks at the camera with a knowing smile."Virginia Slims," reads the slogan, "it's a woman thing."Despite the recent groundbreaking case in which a Florida court ordered Brown & Williamson to pay $750,000 in damages to a 66-year-old man who had developed lung cancer, tobacco companies in the United States, and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom, are still aggressively targeting consumers through advertising.

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By the early 1990s it had taken into account "post-feminist" irony with the picture of a sparkling blonde straddling a motorcycle over the quote: "I don't necessarily want to run the world, but I wouldn't mind taking it for a ride." Its present slogan is closely linked to the feel-good solidarity of a Hollywood female buddy movie.Mandy Merck, a lecturer in Media Studies at Sussex University, says: ''It's a woman thing implies that you can share this culture of smoking with your friends.Smokers adore each other - shared vices and addictions make great bonding experiences," By contrast Capri, one of Virginia Slims' main competitors, has opted for an image of "classic" femininity.Its campaign shows a woman in a silky evening gown, a long, thin cigarette poised elegantly between her fingers, and the line: "She's gone to Capri and she's not coming back.