White parents beat daughter for dating black guy

Across the table from me was a South Korean guy who had watched videos of me eating KFC during his time serving for his home country's national military.He had told me that watching my videos made him happy and miss America.Now we were on a first date because I am a crazy narcissist.I asked him careful questions about his years in the service and his home country.

I am Asian-American, and my college (and post-college) boyfriend was (and still is, I guess) half black and half white.We were driving cross-country one summer with two other friends, staying with whomever we could to save money.I had asked a friend who lived in Chicago if we could crash with his family. This friend was Mexican-American and came from a middle-class family.As we approached Chicago, I called him from a pay phone (this was pre-cell phone era) to let him know when we were arriving.

He sounded very stressed; he said that we could no longer stay with him because his mother had been recently mugged by a black man and would not stand to have a black man in the house.

He felt so bad that he said he would pay for a hotel.

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