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Title: The Pendragon Legacy Author: Keira Marcos Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Harry/Hermione Rating: R (eventually) Notes: Of course I’m going to bash Ron and Ginny.They’re sixteen/seventeen (eventually) in this fic which is the age of consent in the UK so this one will eventually have sexual content.Summary: During their fifth year, Harry and Hermione overhear a conversation that makes them rethink friendships, relationships, and their future in the magical world.

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Hermione stiffened at the use of magic she’d assumed Ginny wasn’t capable of and leaned into Harry even as she pulled her own wand. He’s an arrogant git, you know.” “Of course the money will be worth it. Being named Prefect would’ve gone way towards making other students in the school trust me.” He led her over to a sofa and dropped down on it. “Dobby brought me this sofa last year.” She huffed. “Winky.” The elf appeared immediately glanced briefly at Hermione and scrunched up her nose. “She be trying to that you’d tell her this.” “She’s kind of hard headed,” Harry confided and laughed when Hermione poked him. bonding spells be very dangerous.” “Do you know how they work? If you try to end bond—it be breaking your magic.” “So it’s a core bond,” Hermione said with a frown. ” “Yous not old enough—your core not mature enough to force bond.This was not Harry but if I do a simple attraction draught should take care of any stumbling blocks. He’ll get more from Sirius as well—the Blacks are loaded, you know. “Master Harry bring meanie Knitting Witch to his special place? “Besides, I told you that you could tell her and you got all mad and avoided me for a week.” Winky frowned. ” He quickly related the story to her and Winky slowly sat down on the floor in front of her, her face scrunched up with fury. It not be sticking when you’re underage.” “Right, that makes sense.” Hermione shifted closer to Harry. He could do it to me at any time—when my back is turned, when I’m asleep.You’ve done most of my work for me—he loves our family and would do almost anything to be a real part of it. Why that nutter hasn’t just bought his freedom is beyond me. Everyone knows Fudge is bought and paid for regularly.” Ginny rolled her eyes. I just thought she didn’t have any faith in me to be honest. I almost asked the Headmaster at Grimmauld Place because it was… I’d have no recourse and honestly after the spell was done I wouldn’t care, would I? It be very dark magic—to bind a witch up in such a way.Hermione’s fingers tightened around her wand as Harry’s fingers trembled slightly in hers. Probably both because she didn’t know if she wanted to cry or curse them both into oblivion. “So, I just have to watch witch pine over Harry bleeding Potter for the next year? He barely tries in his classes, has no career prospects and the only reason he made Prefect is because of Dumbledore. She was going to name you but Dumbledore said you had too much pressure on you already without adding that to it as well.” Harry frowned. It hurt a little that she picked Ron over me when I’m only second in our year behind you in Gryffindor and in the school over all for our year. I thought it was personal since it couldn’t have been academic.” “I’m sorry I should’ve told you sooner,” Hermione said. Ron be dark wizard to think about doing it.” Winky frowned.

” “Yes, then the jealousy potion keyed to you next year and a mild aversion draught so she’ll stop focusing on Harry. “But he can’t be forcing bond on you if you already bonded.” They both stared at her and Hermione felt shock and a bit of relief settling into her bones.

It’ll look very natural—like she’s gotten over her crush on moved on to you. Once we use the bonding spell—she’ll fall in love with you and never want any other wizard but you.” Ginny scrunched up her nose. Lavender is prettier.” “Harry wants her,” Ron said bluntly. “It seemed like you wanted him and I as I said—I thought you knew. “But I’m not old enough to bond yet.” “You’re not old enough for the forced bonding spell,” Winky corrected.