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An apology from Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard, released amid a sexual assault allegation, "isn't good enough" and shows he doesn't understand the meaning of consent, says an Ottawa woman who has accused the rock star of raping her in 2016.In an evening post to his Twitter account Wednesday, Hoggard stated he has never engaged in non-consensual sexual behaviour but acknowledged he has "objectified" women in the past."I understand the significant harm that is caused not only to the women I interacted with, but to all women who are degraded by this type of behaviour," Hoggard wrote."I have been careless and indifferent and I have no excuse.For this I am truly sorry."- READ | The full statement from Jacob Hoggard's lawyer Hoggard denies the Ottawa woman's allegation and says the pair had consensual sex in his hotel room.The 24-year-old Ottawa woman who came forward to CBC News with the allegation against the singer said she does not believe his apology is genuine."I'm just so angry," said the woman, whom CBC is not identifying to protect her privacy."I think he's only sorry because he got caught," she said. I think he needs to understand that consent can be taken away at any point and I think he needs a lesson on consent, actually."She previously told CBC she first connected with Hoggard in 2016 through the dating app Tinder before meeting him two weeks later at a Toronto hotel room."There is not a single woman in the world that I know that would consent to being degraded. There, she alleges he slapped her, spat on her and forced her to have anal sex.She said he didn't wear a condom and that he ignored her when she cried "stop" through tears."I was clear that I was not interested in it, and I was so uncomfortable, and I started crying, and he just kept telling me that I was being a good girl and petting my head."She did not file a police complaint.

Band taking 'indefinite hiatus'The Canadian rock band also released a separate statement Wednesday, saying it will take an "indefinite hiatus" after their current tour is over.The downfall of the rockers comes amid the growing #Me Too movement and a broader conversation, particularly in the entertainment industry, about sexual misconduct.The Ottawa woman said the backlash against Hedley in recent weeks is a valuable learning moment for women and a teaching opportunity for parents.She said she has tried to avoid social media since speaking out, but knows there are some fans who are standing by Hoggard and continue to attend his concerts."I feel sorry for them because they thought that this man was someone who he's not.

Hedley is a Canadian pop-rock group originating in Abbotsford, British Columbia that formed in 2003.

They were named after the unincorporated community of Hedley, British Columbia, a name chosen after members heard that it was for sale for $346,000.

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