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Male professional athletes, especially ones with name recognition and millions of dollars, rarely have trouble finding a beautiful partner.At the height of their careers, women might throw themselves at these athletes and, depending on the status and bank account of that athlete, that doesn't change in retirement.You likely wouldn't bat an eye if we told you Wayne Gretzky divorced Janet for a stunning 25-year-old blonde, despite the fact Wayne would be 26 years her senior.Nor would you be shocked to learn that Joe Namath is chasing after a 30-year-old - he did, after all, profess he wanted to kiss ESPN's Suzy Kolber in an unflattering moment on air in 2003.Hell, if James Woods can date a 20-year-old (he did and it's gross), then the athlete relationships below should be fairly acceptable. People get older but their idea of what's beautiful/hot doesn't.You might be 60-years-old, but you don't suddenly find 60-year-olds the most attractive.No, you still sneak glances at 20-year-olds in the supermarket while you're wife is striking up a conversation with her friend Gladys.These athletes below managed to date much younger, but for the purposes of the headline let's imagine that 12 years is a big enough age difference for someone to be thought of as a father - I mean, have you seen Maury?

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The former Canadian Football League (CFL) quarterback finally broke into the National Football League as a member of the San Francisco 49ers in 1999 and went on to have a very productive ten-year career, despite getting a late start.He might never be remembered for his talent on the field, but he was certainly blessed with charisma and personality off the field. The New York Yankees legend and future Hall of Famer has an extensive dating history that rivals Alex Rodriguez and has been rumored to send his dates packing with a gift basket, which, if true, might be the most gangster thing anyone has ever done.He has since denied the rumor, but most accept it as true anyway.And it hasn't even slightly tarnished his reputation.

Steve Phillips isn't exactly the first person that comes to mind when we think of famous athletes.

The former ESPN baseball analyst and New York Mets manager didn't even play in the big leagues - he played a few years in the minors - but he does fit perfectly on this list.

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